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There is an interesting upcoming event at the University of Newcastle called A Blueprint for Urban Analytics Research which has been organised with the Alan Turing Institute as part of their Urban Analytics programme.

Urban analytics research helps cities run more efficiently, improves quality of life for inhabitants, and increases our understanding of how humans interact with and navigate their built environment. At the same time, urban analytics research is a fast-moving target: data availability, state-of-the-art methods, and research and policy priorities are all quickly evolving.

This workshop, sponsored by The Alan Turing Institute, brings together experts from a range of backgrounds to help chart an urban analytics research agenda, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of (urban) sciences for the public good. We invite participants from a variety of career stages—in particular early career—and institutional backgrounds to contribute to this conversation and help identify an agenda for impactful and cutting-edge urban analytics research and to help ensure this research tackles real-world challenges and issues.

Birds-eye view of cars and roads